Phosphoric Acid

Product details

Package: in 35kg or 330kg drum or in 1400kg or 1600kg IBC

Usage: as food acidulant yeast nutrient; in manufacturing phosphate salts.

Storage: Keep from sunlight; must be srored in an odor-free environment, low humidity condition are recommend to minimize caking/degradation potentials



Purity(H3PO4) %


P2O5 %


Specific gravity g/ml


Color  APHA


Arsenic(As) PPM


Chloride(Cl) PPM


Fluorine(F) PPM


Sulfate(SO4) PPM




Heavy metals(as Pb) PPM


Lead(Pb) PPM


Cadmium(Cd) PPM


Nickel(Ni) PPM


Chromium(Cr) PPM


Mercury(Hg) PPM


Copper(Cu) PPM


Phosphorus(P) %


Volatile acids( as Ac. Acetic)PPM


Nitrates PPM



Clear,colorless liquid without visible particles

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