Sodium Benzoate

Product details

Storage : Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight, pile gently.

Usage : Mainly used as a food preservative, but also used to make drugs, dyes and so on

[Use 1] Mainly used as a food preservative, but also used to make drugs, dyes and so on

[Use 2] Used in the pharmaceutical industry and plant genetic research, and also used as dye intermediates, fungicides and preservatives

[Use 3] Preservative; An antimicrobial agent.

[Use 4] Sodium benzoate is also an important acid type food preservative. Converted to effective form benzoic acid when used. Use scope and usage see Benzoic acid. In addition, it can also be used as a preservative for feed.

[Use 5] The product is used as a food additive (preservative), a fungicide in the pharmaceutical industry, a mordant in the dye industry, a plasticizer in the plastic industry, and an intermediate in organic synthesis such as spices.

[Use 6] It is used as co-solvent for serum bilirubin test, food additive (preservative), fungicide in pharmaceutical industry, mordant in dye industry, plasticizer in plastic industry, and intermediate for organic synthesis such as spices.

Packing : 25KG/ bag




White Granular and with styrax benzoin smell

Content (as Dried base) %


Loss on Drying


Acidity & Alkalinity(ml)


Clarity of Solution


Heavy Metals(%)




Total CL content(%)






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