Sorbitol Solution 70

Product details

Description: Sorbitol solution is 70% transparent colorless liquid. It is disordered and has a sweet, clear, colorless syrupy liquid, sweet, neutral to litmus, miscible with water, glycerin, and propylene glycol. Sorbitol solution 70% is sometimes separated and crystallized

Usage: Sorbitol has been safely used in processed foods for almost half a century. It is also used in other products, such as Food Additives, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industry.

Sorbitol has been affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is approved for use by the European Union and numerous countries around the world, including Australia, Canada and Japan.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment.




Transparent, sweetly,viscosity 

Dry solds,%


Sorbitol content,%


Ph value 


Specific Gravity(Relative density(d2020)) 




Reducing Sugars ,%


Total Sugars,%


Residue on ignition,%


Heavy metal,%


Pb(base on pb),%


As (base on As),%


Chlorid(base on Cl),%


Sulphate(base on SO4),%


Nickel(base on Ni),%


Total Plate Count

100cfu/ml max

Total Mould & Yeast

10cfu/ml max

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